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It sounds crazy, but I love books. I can’t help it as a continuous learner with Builder talents in disruption and knowledge. I aim to finish at least 2 books every month. Often times I’m reading multiple books at once. This is why I can’t help but share my favorite book list with you.

This is a snapshot of some of my favorite books across multiple categories in business, leadership, customer experience, and personal growth.

There’s something to be said about holding a book in your hands and flipping through it where you can smell the crispness of the pages. Admittedly, for a really good book, I have it in many formats from hard copy to digital and audio. Are you like that too?

I didn’t try to list every book I’ve ever read, because frankly, I’ve read great books and mediocre books. Instead, I’ve listed the ones that made the most difference to me where I gleamed an insight or it sparked an idea for me, my students or clients.

I’ve also curated a list of favorite books from some remarkable people. I hope you enjoy the list!

I invite you to share your own recommendations with me on social media @elizabethyang_real. I do love hearing about good reads.



P.S. Grab your favorite book anywhere. I prefer to pick up mine at a local bookstore over coffee. Often times I’m online for convenience. If you grab yours through this site, I may receive a commission for coffee. For that, I say “Thank You” and promise to drink that while continuing to create valuable content for you.

Elizabeth’s Favorite Book List Recommendations

Elizabeth Yang

Founder & CEO, Better WIth Company

Guest Favorite Book List Recommendations

Elizabeth Yang curates a list of her friends and guests’ favorite book recommendations in this section. Enjoy!


Check out Ian’s favorite books.

Ian So

CEO, The Chicken & Rice Guys


Check out Brendon’s fave books.

Brendon Burchard

Trainer & Speaker, High Performance

Xperience (HPX)


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