I offer guidance that brings you aim and focus on your priorities, starting with the critical emotional moments that lead your customers to decide to buy from you.

Inclusive global experiences with local impact is what many of my clients appreciate about working with me. They value me as a “SWAT” team partner because I bring you that one degree shift to get you to your next level.

I’m a bit unconventional. I grow and scale businesses like yours with a design-thinking approach with the right people first. Then we modernize your business with digital products to deliver better, integrated customer experiences that get your MVPs (Most Valuable Payers) raving about you.

The right inclusive leadership, customers, teams and a powerful social network that works for you leads to the kinds of financial gains that make you and your shareholders happier.

But realizing happiness takes effort in a hyper-connected world. To achieve it, you’ll need to think and work in ways that put your customers at the heart of your business while modernizing your business for simpler face-to-face and online interactions because that’s what they now demand.

That’s where I come in.

I spent over a decade of experience transforming “human psyche” into business results and I found that the #1 difference in initiatives that succeeded or failed was the leader’s ability to rally people to support and build the vision. This common phenomenon across my expertise at top Fortune 500 companies in product, innovation, marketing and organizational transformations was when I recognized the mastery in inclusive leadership and the power of talent optimization across social networks, starting with the customer at the heart and becoming the DNA your business.


Engaging and lively, I bring a wealth of motivational and inspiring stories and frameworks to engage audiences small and large at Fortune 500 companies and global conferences. I’m often invited to speak on my areas of expertise and tapped by organizations committed to having more women, innovation and diversity at the table.

Open to discussing how we can personalize topics based on your needs. Check out my Speaking Kit for specific topics.


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