I appreciate Elizabeth’s business and leadership advice and training. She gave me reinforcement and moral support. What it did was truly reassure me what I already knew and what I was capable of.

One day, I hope her and I can sit down together so I can introduce her to my family and tell them what she did for me. Keep up the good work!

Connor X.

Founder & CEO, Vanco Construction, MN, USA


I would highly recommend Elizabeth for any professional looking to make a career change or kick start their business ideas. The advice I have received has helped me reorganize my thoughts and put action into my vision. I felt very comfortable opening up to Elizabeth and her entire process. She was an amazing listener and was able to pinpoint my needs from the beginning. I didn’t feel rushed or uncomfortable. I am newly motivated and looking forward to the future of my business!

Fuyei X.

CEO & Founder, MobGeeks, Saint Paul, MN, USA


I heard about what Elizabeth did for Hmong Women Take on the World and I had to have her come do it for ASPIRE.

Nischa Xiong

Mentorship Board, ASPIRE, Boston, MA, USA


Elizabeth helped bring more clarity to what my company can do for its target market. Good team building.

Rose Olea

COO, AACEExchange, Chicago, IL, USA


I wished we had worked with Elizabeth earlier on before we started. We could of determined our value propositions and validated much sooner.

Alice C. Lee-Osborne

CEO, AACE Exchange, Chicago, IL, USA


Working with Elizabeth has been invaluable. She’s passionate and incredibly knowledgeable in her field. A true joy of a woman to be around and learn from.

Kimberly Osborne

Graphic Designer, Osborne Design, Boston, MA, USA


What I learned in the three hours with Elizabeth surpassed what I got from many semesters of entrepreneurial studies at Babson. Her teaching should be mandated by all business schools.

Rachel L.

Real Estate Leader, Century 21, Boston, MA, USA


The coaching has helped me to keep track of what it is I truly need to focus on. Learning what key items I need to focus on to bring in the ‘money’ and what things I can delegate, truly kept me aware of how much time I wasted on doing tedious things that does NOT benefit me in the long run. Elizabeth has really helped me to focus on what truly is important to my organization which is to bring attention nationally….I believe that she truly cares for my success and keeps me accountable. She’s very knowledgeable with a business mindset and does not mind sharing her ‘how-to’ secrets. I look forward to working with her for the rest of the year and unleashing my true and highest potential for my business.

Bouasvanh L.

Program Director, United Way, Merced, CA, USA


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